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AK Geschlechterperspektiven
Research Team: Gabriele Bolte (Head of project)

Research Team: Benjamin Schüz (Head of project); T. Brand; Florence Samkange-Zeeb

Men’s sheds as community-based health promotion for men aged 50 plus (MASH)
Research Team: Karin Bammann (Head of project); Birte Albrecht

EquiP Summer School Quality in Primary Care
Research Team: Guido Schmiemann (Head of project)

Empowerment and patient and public involvement in research
Research Team: Imke Schilling (Head of project)

Schmeckt Wachsen süß und fettig?
Research Team: Hannah Jilani (Head of project)

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Pflegeeinrichtungen
Research Team: Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project); Dominik Domhoff; Anna-Carina Friedrich; Annika Schmidt; Kathrin Seibert; Claudia Stolle-Wahl

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