Working Group Epidemiology of Demographic Change

Welcome on our webpages. Here you find an short overview on our key activities in research and teaching.


We are teaching courses within the programs B.A. Public Health / Health Sciences and M.Sc. Epidemiology.
Moreover, we offer opportunities for internships, bachelor, master and doctoral theses related to the topics below.

Our research topics

Health and demographic change
The demographic change in Europe is characterised by decreasing birth rates, rising life expectancy and an ageing population (“greying of Europe”). This change is posing challenges on private, social and societal levels.
In this research area, we investigate the consequences of demographic change on health in the population. We focus on healthy ageing, and promotion of health and quality of life in older adults. Other aspects of interest are a changing family and social structure and new forms of employment.

Determinants of health behaviour
Health-related behaviours, like physical activity or diet are complex patterns of behaviour, with influential factors on all ecological levels (intrapersonal, interpersonal, ecological, societal). Moreover, the individual life course and social origin of a person are important aspects.
In this research area, we concentrate on determinants of health behaviour and its consequences for public health and health promotion. We are especially interested in integrated approaches that combine different sub-groups of epidemiological research (e.g. social and molecular epidemiology).  

Epidemiologic methods
In this research area, we focus on validity and quality assurance of exposure and outcome assessment, development and application of new methods and classical and new statistical methods for data modelling.