Projects of Department 2: Prevention and Health Promotion

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Current projects

Research Team: Dr. phil. Tilman Brand (Head of project); Benjamin Schüz (Head of project); Prof. Dr. med. Hajo Zeeb (Head of project); Sebastian Budde; Mena Emily; Hande Gencer; Prof. Dr. Jenn Scott

Dementia-Enabling Neighborhoods: Partizipatorische Entwicklung demenzfreundlicher Quartiere in Bremen (DEN-HB)
Research Team: Benjamin Schüz (Head of project); Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project); Janissa Altona; Emily Mena; Henrik Wiegelmann

Research Team: Benjamin Schüz (Head of project); T. Brand; Florence Samkange-Zeeb

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Finished projects

Addressing Global Environmental Health Inequalities: Digital Assessment of Subjective Environmental
Research Team: Rehana Shrestha (Head of project); Gabriele Bolte; Benjamin Schüz

DASEIN: Digital assessment of subjective environmental exposure and environmental injustice
Research Team: Gabriele Bolte (Head of project); Johanna Schönbach, M.Sc.; Benjamin Schüz

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